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Summer Camp Assistant Director

Are you handy with tools, task-oriented and enthusiastic about working with youth? The Assistant Director serves as the primary caretaker of the Arrowpeak Lodge facility and director of camp life during summer camps.

Applicants for the positions will:

  • Have great leadership skills.
  • Be well organized and efficient.
  • Be problem solvers.
  • Have great communication.
  • Work well as part of a team.

The Assistant Director works closely with the Education Coordinator, Summer Camp Advisor and Caretaker.


Compensation: $255/day, Lodging, food, & gas provided (Not included in wage & lodging only during duration of camp)

Start Date: APRIL 1, 2021 (Weather dependent)

Camp Caretaker

We are looking for a jack-of-all-trades! The Camp Caretaker helps maintain a clean and safe environment for all who enjoy Arrowpeak Camp. The Caretaker is an integral part of operations running smoothly and serves as an ambassador of Montana Farmers Union while on duty.

Applicants for this position will have the skills and abilities necessary to maintain and oversee:

  • General camp operations.
  • Water/sewer systems.
  • The state of buildings and furnishings.
  • Inventory of supplies.
  • Repairs, equipment.
  • Events as needed.
  • Outdoor features & landscaping.
  • Other areas.

The Camp Caretaker works closely with the Education Coordinator, Camp Assistant Director and Camp Advisor.


Compensation: $225/day, Lodging, some food & gas provided (Not included in wage)

Start Date: APRIL 1, 2021 (Weather dependent)

Camp Counselors

Our Camp Counselors ROCK. Take advantage of a great opportunity to spend most of your summer in the Highwood Mountains, and create lifelong friendships serving as a role model for other youth. Camp Counselors live and breathe camp life, spending lots of time with kids and having a lot of fun along the way.

Good candidates for a Camp Counselor will:

  • Be former campers themselves! You don’t have to have experience at Montana Farmers Union Camps, but need to have some knowledge of what a summer camp experience is all about.
  • Love to try new things: Color runs, rock climbing, dancing, crafting, you name it!
  • Be a good leader. Your campers will be looking up to you.
  • Have solid communication skills. Camp Counselors work closely with the Camp Advisor and Assistant Director

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